We spend countless hours in the field using the items we sell to ensure we can provide the most reliable and accurate information possible about our products.  


The products we sell are very expensive, and a decision that important should be handled with care.  We want to talk to every single one of our customers to ensure they can get as much real world information as possible before handing over their hard earned money.  This doesn't mean we restrict your buying ability however.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, or check as payment, and will never share your information with anyone without your express permission.  

“Experience is the fire in which THEORY burns, and TRUTH emerges."

–Greg Dykstra, President, Primal Rights

You can only talk so much before you must get out there and see what really happens.

Experience, Not Theory

The entire business model behind Primal Rights revolves around real world experience. We know the products we sell better than anyone else, because we use them more than anyone else.

Never Settle. Ever.

We will never stop trying to ensure our customers receive the best possible equipment, and support equipment. If we don't have what you need, we will send you to where it can best be found.

Trust Has No Price.

We will never compromise our integrity. Not for untold sums of money. Not for anything. When you read what we type or hear what we say, you can count on its legitimacy being rooted in experience, not greed.



Tangent Theta

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Priming tools, predator calls, and magazine kits.

"Giving customers the best possible information to use when making purchasing decisions is the most important part of our job. If we don't know our products, we can not help guide our customers to the equipment that will best fit their specific application."

- Greg Dykstra, Primal Rights

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Character is a difficult thing to come by these days. We are in a world where most people conducting business will do or say anything to make a sale. Most people in business will usually also carry almost any product as long as they can make money on it. The Primal Rights crew is not your typical business. Primal Rights carries only products that they are personally willing to use themselves...regardless how much money they could make selling junk. The character of the Primal Rights staff is such that they won't sell you something you don't need but instead will steer you in the direction you need to go.

I bought an SRS-A1 package from Primal Rights about a year ago. The process of buying the rifle included a lot of time discussing barrel length, caliber, twist, and other options I hadn't even thought of. When I received the rifle (very quickly by the way) everything was perfect. Since buying that rifle I have called up Greg several times for advice on rifle setup, handloading, and other things for the desert tech AND other rifles that he didn't even sell me and was not going to make money on. Greg is more than willing to spend time teaching one who is willing to and trying to learn. Since following his advice and the advice of the articles on his website my shooting has improved exponentially. I have gone from a 1/2 moa shooter to frequently getting groups that are under 1/8 moa.

A few months ago I was wanting some 10 round mags for my DT. I asked Primal Rights to put me on their backorder list and let me know when they came in. Greg promptly mailed me his own two personal 10 round mags so that I would not have to wait. That is the kind of business they run.

I will use Primal Rights in the future for advice and purchases. I can buy with confidence knowing that the purchase is backed with unparalleled customer service and experienced advice. I can buy with confidence knowing that the product I am buying is a quality product that has been field tested and will operate as advertised.

In short...Primal Rights is hands down my favorite gun related company.

I had just taken delivery of a new custom rifle from my gunsmith, and was in need of a new bipod, so at his recommendation I called Primal Rights to see if they could help.

Best experience as a customer, ever.
Greg, the owner, answered the phone on the second ring. First, he asked me about my rifle, shooting style and needs and then recommended to me the Atlas PSR bipod. I received the bipod last week, and its fantastic; literally shrinking my groups.

In speaking to Greg, it was obvious that he wasn't trying to up-sell me, but was legitimately concerned with finding me the best bipod for what I wanted to do, even going so far as to steer me away from a more expensive unit.
Integrity of that sort in this day in age is far to uncommon.
Next, the shipping. Wow. I had called and ordered at about 4PM local to were Primal Rights is located. Not an hour later I had an email saying my order had shipped, as in it was already in the mail. Insane. And shipped for free. I challenge you to find any other dealer who ships that fast.

In summary, Greg and his team are something unique. In a world where most dealers wouldn't say anything if you wanted to spend a few extra bucks on something you don't need, not so at Primal Rights. Great products at prices comparable to big internet vendors (I checked), with personalized service and recommendations from what are likely from thousands of hours of experience with the products they sell. Primal Rights is awesome, truly the real deal. Anything for my precision rifle needs will come from Greg at Primal Rights.

There are very few companies that will give you no bs answers, and when your dealing in a sport where items are hundreds and thousands of dollars then no bs approach not only saves you time, but money.

That is one of many reasons why I like dealing with Primal rights. What started off with a question on a good gunsmith, and the purchase of a relatively inexpensive rear bag, has evolved into a reliable source of and a wealth of knowledge, even before I spent a lot of money with Primal Rights. To date I've spent less then $1,000, yet Greg and his staff have never refused to answer my numerous questions.

It's why I recommend them to anyone who's looking to shoot long range, and even a few other things.

This year, I have some new friends that I have become acquainted with over the last year or so.

Greg and his crew at Primal Rights.
His Primal Rights website contains valuable information related to many aspects of shooting, quite a bit of it, you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. I have found his articles very well written, informative and often entertaining. The scope of knowledge contained in the articles have contributed enormously to my knowledge and skill set in regards to shooting. I have only gotten a couple of products from Primal Rights so far; and each has been absolutely awesome and were well packed and sent out quickly. Greg will help you get what you need, and will either help you himself or send you where you need to be.

I have never met face to face with Greg, but I have had numerous conversations and interaction with him directly (phone) and online as a member of the Gunhive.com and Sniper central forums. Speaking of forums, the relatively new Gunhive.com is a place anyone can come to and get no BS answers to their shooting questions. Shooting the Monthly Shooters Challenge there has made me quite aware of my shortcomings and areas in need of improvement. At Gunhive.com I can get the help from Greg and others there and I know they will send me in the right direction. Again the articles at: http://www.primalrights.com/library/articles written by Greg are a go to source. The Greg I know is a very generous and giving individual. No BS and a straight shooter (figuratively and actual).

Thanks Greg and Primal Rights

The Primal Rights crew is a class act. They have been professional and courteous in every interaction I’ve ever had with them. It is very clear to me through my following of their forum, website, publications, and their continual innovations that they are not only passionate about the shooting sports community, but also extremely knowledgeable, which is combination I’ve yet to witness any others emulate on the same level. They rigorously field test/trial all the products that they sell to ensure that each one is up to their own standards and that they understand all the fine details before making recommendations to their clients. Primal Rights is dedicated to the progression and positive growth of the shooting sports community and does so with the utmost integrity. They stand behind everything they do 100% in a no-nonsense kind of way that is both unique and commendable.

Thanks PR Crew!

In the past year i have gotten to know Greg with Primal Rights,

he has been a wealth of info on all things shooting related and will be purchasing my next Competition Gun through him and TS Customs. As there knowledge and attention to factual data on precision rifles and the proper techniques to implement the craft helps me to attain my shooting goals. This combined with there willingness to teach and answer questions with just a phone call or on their forum GunHive.com, where other like minded individuals get together to share knowledge and data finds. Where statements must be backed by data and not just a I heard some one say. This makes it easy to cut through the BS found on the internet and through other sources..

Greg and Primal Rights have always worked with me to find out what my goals are and to help me avoid the many pit falls out there leading to the quickest path to success in my goals not theirs. Thanks Greg and Primal Rights for helping me get what i really want and not just the latest Fad.

I can tell you from first-hand experience Greg knows his shit!

I attended a Primal Rights customer appreciation long range rifle training class that he had posted on The Snipers Hide. I have to admit I was a little bit apprehensive at first, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, or what kind of guy Greg was. (Let’s face it there are a lot of self-proclaimed subject matter experts on the Snipers Hide!) The class was scheduled for a Saturday/Sunday, I arrived on Friday afternoon. Some other attendees had also arrived early so instead of sitting around; Greg took us to the range for an extra day of shooting. I am from the bluff country of WI so long range shooting is completely new to me. Greg looked at my rifle, a Remington 700 in .308 with a 24” barrel topped with a Leupold Mark 4 LR/T and my ammunition, 175 grain Black Hills. He told me what mil dot to hold for 500 yards and bam…first round hit on steel. I then moved to 1,000 yards, he again told me where to hold and I had a second round hit on steel. That proved to me without a doubt that Greg knows his shit!
Since then I have contacted him on numerous occasions with questions on everything from reloading, to various types of gear and weapons accessories. Greg is a true shooting enthusiast willing to help others out. It doesn’t matter if I’m buying something from him or not, Greg always has a no bull-shit answer to my question and has never lead me wrong.

There are a thousand different places to get information on precision rifles on the internet and I visit a few of them on a regularly. But when I want the best advice without all the B.S. I go to Gunhive.com. Greg, of Primal Rights, has started a community that has become my go to place for information. The information Greg and the rest of the community shares with one another is unlike anywhere else on the internet. I've learned advance reloading tips, how to develop a load for my rifles, and why you do things a certain way.

Customer service is extremely important to me. Being a product rep in my professional life, I strive to out preform my competitors service and I have come to expect that level of service from companies that I give my hard earned dollars too. Primal Rights gives me that level of service.

I had bought a RCBS Chargemaster from Greg. The first day I set it up and used it, I had a little issue. Being it was a Saturday, I thought I was screwed till Monday. I gave Primal Rights a call and was pleasantly surprised to hear Greg answer the phone. He helped me through the problem as if I was his best customer, even though I had only bought a used machine from him. I felt so assured that Greg will stand behind anything he sells, no matter how much you spent with him. Primal Rights will get more of my money in the future.

I was lucky enough to take part in one of Primal Rights/Greg’s 2-day precision rifle course. I was always a pretty decent shot, but after learning the ins-and-outs of Greg’s class and all the correct fundamentals, I am far more consistent/confident shooter. Greg went out of his way to help every individual with their form and their entire thought processes.

I’ve also gotten the chance to talk with Greg on the phone about different products and different projects a number of different time. He took more time out of his day for my questions than most people would have. He made sure I was confident in answers, and didn’t rush off of the phone. He was very helpful. All of his answers/experience comes from real-life experience, not from the internet.

Greg was also willing to let my brother and I come out to his range and shoot a morning with him and Josh. He helped me setup a ballistics app on my phone in the field when a free lesser product was giving me bad dope.

I can’t thank you enough Greg, for how far you’ve helped me in building my shooting skills!

Primal Rights is a source you can count on. Whether it's equipment, training or just experience laden, vetted advice, you can count on them to deliver.

Greg and his team give unparalleled customer service that reassures a customer that they are trustworthy and dependable. If you are up against time constraints or need help getting the right equipment, they will go as far as possible to ensure you are COMPLETELY satisfied. I have only had extremely positive experiences with a Primal Rights.


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